Fundraise with Kuipers Family Farm

Kuipers Family Farm would love to help your organization with its next fundraiser! Instead of offering similar products that other organizations sell to supporters, what if you were able to bring them delicious Apple Cider Donuts or sweet-salty homemade Kettle Corn? Well now, you can make that a reality!

How it works:

We will be offering our Apple Cider Donuts and Kettle Corn at a discounted rate while sharing with you a suggested price to sell them at. Your organization pre-sells the products and then gives us one total order. All of your sold items will be available for pickup on a day pre-arranged with the Kuipers team, with the donuts being made fresh that morning. All the profits are kept by you!

                                               Your price:    Suggested selling price:       Your profit:
Apple Cider Donuts            $9                   $14-17                                      $5-8
Kettle Corn                           $5                   $8-10                                        $3-5

Get Started

If you would like to participate, have any questions, or would like someone to come out and talk with your organization please contact Laura at [email protected].
Let us help make your next fundraiser successful!

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